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Projeto Crescer's Judo Masters

Projeto Crescer is proud of the 11 athletics from our school that attended the Open Bahia Cup.

Crescer was represented by 11 athletes, out of this total four won medals!

The athletes from the Crescer judo team participated on the last day of the 4th edition of the Open Bahia Cup, the event was held at the SESI gymnasium, in Simões Filho and brought together more than 20,000 athletes from 20 states of Brazil . Crescer was represented by 11 athletes, out of this total, 4 won their respective medals: 2 gold, 2 bronze.

Athlete Alessandra Silva won the gold medal in a new category, under 21. She was considered by the Bahia Judo Federation (FEBAJU) the best athlete of the year twice, the first being 2017 and the most recent in the last year. Can we count on your support for 2020?

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