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What is Projeto Crescer?

Projeto Crescer is a Non-Profit that assists hundreds of children in rough areas by providing them with a safe place and a school to attend.

Above are some of Projeto Crescer's students enjoying a nice lunch. Projeto Crescer helps its students by providing two meals a day and a snack. For most Projeto Crescer students, that is all they get for the day.

This is not just a learning facility, but a place children can call home.

This is no ordinary learning facility. It is a home to many children who live in poverty and haven't had the easiest of lives. The Projeto is their hope; it is their gateway to the possibility of future success. Families that can't afford to give their children a good education are provided with an opportunity to change their lives for the better. The Projeto children learn new things every day, such as Arts, Math, Language, Computer Science and so much more. They are also provided with meals twice a day, as well as a safe place to learn and play.

Wania Howard, the Projeto founder, had the dream to provide others with better education and a chance at happiness her whole life. When she had the idea to create this program, she worked very hard to make it happen, and accomplished something great. The Projeto has already changed so many lives, and the number of children helped by this organization is only increasing. The slum city (favela) where they were raised was all they knew, until the Projeto. These children were barely expected to survive. let alone succeed. Now they have that chance. Many of the kids who went through the entire program have moved on and made better lives for themselves and their families.

Education should be available to all. Although change can be hard to achieve, especially when dealing with difficult living situations, it is crucial to learn the importance of hard work towards achieving your goals. That is one of the many important teachings that Projeto Crescer provides to these children in need.

Isabella Naaktgeboren (Wania's granddaughter)

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Projeto Crescer

 Projeto Crescer is a
non-for-profit organization.

For more information, please contact:
Wania Howard, Founder
Tel.: 407-557-2376  


IRS# 83-2604041

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