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Unlike many other organizations, we work with our children in all aspects of their lives: their health, nutrition, schooling, cultural education, psychological help, socialization, drug and pregnancy prevention, working with their families, vocational training, job finding when they are of age. We
leave nothing to chance, and work hard so that each child can achieve their full potential, in a safe
and nurturing environment…

Projeto Crescer provides, among other programs:
• Reinforcement of Educational Programs, Math, Language and Computer (which we also extend to the rest of the community)
• Cultural Education: Music (Basic Notions, Guitar, Violin, Percussion Instruments, Choir), Dance, Theater, Arts and Crafts
• Sports and Martial Arts: Judo, Capoeira, Soccer
• Personal Development: Cultural Diversity, Sexuality and Premature Pregnancy, Drugs (health and social issues), Career Options and Training (starting at 13 years of age)
• Nutrition and Personal Hygiene: The purpose of these classes is to prepare the children to overcome social segregation barriers imposed by their poverty condition
• Psychological Counseling and Guidance: The purpose of these classes is to help the children develop individual and social skills, maturity and resilience to their environment, as well as the ability to positively influence their community
• Complete uniforms and materials for each activity the children engage in at
Projeto Crescer
• Two meals a day for the children and the staff, including volunteers

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Projeto Crescer

 Projeto Crescer is a
non-for-profit organization.

For more information, please contact:
Wania Howard, Founder
Tel.: 407-557-2376  


IRS# 83-2604041

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